Instructions in english

On every minigolfcourse, there is one outstanding rule, whether small or large, clean or dirty, well visited or desolate. It is not allowed to step on the lanes. This rule is not only universally known to anyone who has played minigolf but everyone has broken that rule. We have as well!  

That’s why we have built our own system on the lanes to stand on when you are playing. We would be grateful if you do not step on the ropes that we have placed across each lane to show its limit. The ropes are painted and if someone constantly balances on them the paint gets erased and the optical effect is gone.

You will find yourself in an old stevedore (warehouse for loading unloading ships) in the Überseeport. We have designed the port theme within the lanes. So you are playing through 20 years of the port. That means you have to move the sail winches, play through shelves, in washbasins, through coffee classifiers and a lot more. In one of the lanes, you do not have to use a club, but you hit the ball with the hammer.

3 lanes are not on the floor, but on a table. On these lanes, please turn the club around and use it as a billiard cue. We would be grateful if you do not step on these 3 lanes. And please don’t put any drinks on them. Please do not use any pens or other writing materials to graffiti on any of the facilities, because it costs us a lot to either repair it or remove any stains made.  If you really want to pass yourself into eternity, we have a white board in lane 6, where you can provide a signature. You have 5 attempts to put the ball in the hole. You get 1 minus point if you fail to do this. The person with the least points wins!